6 All-Natural Kitchen Cleaning Tricks

Need some inspiration in the kitchen when it comes to cleaning up? Take any (or all) or these 6 cleaning tricks for a test run for a fresh—and green—take on scrubbing up the most-used area in the home.

  1. Try using lemon as a surface cleaner. You will find that a lemon’s acid is perfect for cutting through grease and grime. Bonus: it will leave a very pleasant scent. Lemon juice kills bacteria, but is natural and not at all harsh on surfaces. Dilute the juice of one lemon with a little water to make it go a little farther.
  1. Clean as you cook, so that you don’t have as much cleaning to do afterwards. Lets face it, there are many different points during the preparation of a meal where you could be scrubbing a few pans, or wiping down the surfaces. Make you own life easier, and get all that done while you are in the swing of things, so that you don’t have to after you’ve relaxed with your meal.
  1. Vinegar is the solution if you are having trouble with limescale on the taps. If you regularly clean your faucets and taps with a little acidic vinegar there will be no need for deep cleaning later on when limescale has built up too much.
  1. If your drain is seemingly blocked up don’t call the plumber—yet. Try pouring some boiling water, two teaspoons of baking soda, and a 1/2 cup of vinegar down there. The reaction will be a large and fizzy one, so stand back, but it should unclog your drain. Be aware that using too much baking soda could leave you with a bit of an explosion, so keep its use to a minimum.
  1. If your fridge is getting a bit smelly, then you should try taking a lemon rind, scooping out the inside (and using it for surface cleaning), and filling it with baking soda. The baking soda will absorb the smells, whilst the lemon rind will replace them with a nice, fresh scent. This should keep your fridge fresh all day long.
  1. Use dish washing liquid to break through the unappealing build up that can happen on top of your cupboards. If you get a look up there you may find that the dust has settled in with the grease from your regular cooking. Try making a thick lather of dish washing liquid, apply it to the problem areas, and leave it there for a while. Scrub it all off, rinsing with a wet sponge or dish towels.

Information provided by South East London deep cleaning company.