Getting the Word Out

Getting the Word Out

By Grace Bell


Getting the Word Out

As part of its Healthy People, Healthy Planet report, also known as the Tork Report, surveyed business decision makers to determine if, and how, they publicize their business’ green efforts.

Here are the results:

• 41 percent promote green efforts publicly

• 64 percent of companies with more than 1,000 employees—and 25 percent of those with fewer than 25 employees–publicize their green efforts

• 49 percent of companies don’t publicize their green efforts


Of those companies that do publicize their works in the green arena, here’s how they say they spread the word:


• 62 percent…through their corporation’s Web site

• 54 percent…via their employee network

• 41 percent…in-store signage

• 39 percent…social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc)

• 27 percent…press releases/corporate announcements


While promoting your company’s efforts is good for business, it is, at the same time, imperative that you make sure all environmental standards—and all your goals–have been met before you take your news public.


Tork suggests, “Consider third-party expertise, such as ENERGY STAR or Green Seal, which can help steer a business toward sustainable business practices. Businesses should also conduct internal educational workshops to educate employees about the importance of a sustainable business and to generate excitement about the changes being made. Once these steps have been taken a business is ready to promote externally.

“As the data shows, larger businesses are more likely to publicize their green practices, mostly because of bigger advertising budgets and accessibility to resources, leaving smaller companies on the sidelines. As more businesses move toward environmental practices it will become easier for even smaller companies to feel confident implementing these new goals and standards.”