Green Cleaning Facts + Myths

The volatile compounds in today’s commercial cleaning products have more and more people turning to alternative cleaning methods. Thus, green cleaning is rapidly replacing the conventional cleaners, as it’s safer and less expensive.

But is it really true that you can clean your whole house by using only vinegar and baking soda? Are “green” products truly as good at keeping the area disinfected and sanitized? It’s time to demystify some statements and go beyond the true and false behind the “green” cleaning products.

  1. Claim: Green products are safe and healthy alternative that preserve both your well – being and the environment.

This is partially true. Completely natural ingredients like vinegar and baking soda don’t impose any risk to your health. However, not all of the cleaning products that you will find on the store’s shelves are really “green.” The problem is that there is little regulation when it comes to what the term implies. This gives a certain freedom in terms of labelling. As a result, some manufactures add chemicals without disclosing them. Of course, they also use healthy ingredients but this doesn’t offset the effects. Read labels and look for ingredient lists and buy products only from companies you trust.

  1. Claim: Green cleaners are as good as the traditional ones.

According to cleaning experts and Green Seal, green products can work just as well as conventional cleaners.

  1. Claim: Eco-friendly solutions are good disinfectants.

This applies for only some products. Green products that contain citric acid, peroxide, and lactic acid are efficient sanitizers.

  1. Claim: Green cleaning requires more time.

Many people assume that when a product doesn’t contain toxic ingredients, one should wipe and scrub for hours. This is a clear misconception. Even with made-at-home, DIY formulas, you will be able to get rid of the persistent stains without a lot of effort. Furthermore, with the increasing popularity of the “green” methods, many companies invest in new and improved solutions.

  1. Claim: Green cleaning is expensive.

The truth is that the cost varies. In general, manufactured green products are more expensive than the conventional cleaners on the market. You can, however, save a lot of money by mixing your own solutions. You can basically clean most of the areas around your house with simple ingredients found in your kitchen cabinet.

  1. Claim: Eco-friendly is a fad.

With the introducing of the green cleaning methods, many people thought that this is just a trend that will fade away in time. They were proved wrong. Since more research reveals the dangers of commercial products, people began to understand the importance of the non-toxic solutions.

  1. Claim: Bleach is a green and safe way to make a stronger solution.

Although it has been recommended in the past, this is not true. In reality, it is effective in killing the germs, but it’s not safe at all. Research shows that bleach use can cause breathing problems and even asthma in children.

To overcome some of the myths and common misconception, always look for a third-party opinion, like certificates and labels. To comply with the requirements of the well-established institutions, all products should comply with green and healthy requirements.

Article provided by: Cleaning Carpet Ltd.