People we Love: Behind the Water’s Fraser Kershaw

Behind the Water is a soon-to-be-released documentary that explores the power all of us have to be heroes. It weaves together the stirring true stories of individuals who have overcome devastating obstacles to find clean water.

The film embraces the power of family and the commitment to conflict for survival. Fraser Kershaw takes a camera crew through highly restricted areas to find the deeply personal tales of stories from locals of Latin America. The filmmakers explore the power of heroic water-related stories, which encourages viewers to find their own unique path to helping the world find a solution for clean water for everyone.

The film’s director is National Geographic’s Doug Clevenger, who teams up with Kershaw and Grammy award-winning One Republic’s Brent Kutzle who scored the soundtrack. Check out the trailer below—and our exclusive interview with Kershaw to learn more about Behind the Water—and its humanitarian inspirations. What inspired you to make this film? 

Fraser Kershaw: Traveling with film crews and medical crews is eye opening. We simply put them together. Two teams in one accord have the track record and ability to open the eyes of millions.

GCM: How did you choose the village you worked with?

Fraser Kershaw: It was a good match and we put many councilors together and set the plan; and for a period of time in my life I devoted myself to them and hopefully we radically changed the environment there for the better. Contaminated water can be ferocious and ruthless to a community. In the areas we work nobody, nor thing, is more naturally dangerous.

Fraser Kershaw & City Leaders analyzing water

Fraser Kershaw and city leaders analyzing water

GCM: How would you describe, simply, the focus of the film?

Fraser Kershaw: The footage will be directly aligned with the human spirit for survival. I think we are a generation that is done with talking heads that spew facts, figures, and formulas for fun. There must be a call to action. We want the stories told from the ones who are living on the front lines who don’t play that game.

 GCM: How can each of us can help make a difference in getting clean water to those who need it?

Fraser Kershaw: Boost up your immune system and eliminate something in your life so you have available time to get on a plane to help out where help getting clean water is needed.

Check out Water for People, which offers both foreign volunteer opportunities and ways to volunteer and donate stateside.