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Bare is good. Especially when it comes to the personal care products we use daily on our bodies and faces. Which is why we love Naturally Bare Nutrient Skin Care Products, which uses only simple, natural, and organic ingredients that are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, sodium lauryl/laureth, and artificial dyes and colorants.

Founded by esthetician Deidre Gavin, Naturally Bare offers a wealth of healthy and healing skin care products, from its Pomme Pure Cleanse Body Wash (crafted with pomegranate, jasmine, and amber) and Bamboo Body Scrub to its ultra-rich Rouge Body Balm (made with red currant berries). Here, we check in with Gavin to learn more about this unique “eco couture” body care company and to learn why using natural skin care products is so crucial today.

GreenCleaningMagazine: What was the inspiration behind launching Naturally Bare?

Deidre Gavin: I’ve always been passionate about medicine and curing people, however, when I took a good look at Western medicine while attending college as a pre-med student I found myself more interested in Eastern methods and prevention. I was inspired to do more research by studying, taking classes, becoming a licensed skin care therapist, and I am currently completing my holistic nutritionist certification.

Naturally Bare was developed when I found myself sensitive to most over-the-counter products and it wasn’t clear what ingredients were in the products I was using. Also, several of my clients suffered from eczema, psoriasis, and other skin disorders that caused them inflammation—and I wanted to help.

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GCM: Why do you believe it’s important to offer products free of ingredients such as parabens and sulfates?

Deidre: Studies show that many of the ingredients we apply to our skin can be harmful—parabens and sulfates are particularly concerning because they are in most cosmetic products. They’re  linked to health problems such as breast cancer and cell demand, which can lead to a greater risk of sun damage and environmental damage to the skin. Why take the chance when they’re just not needed to cleanse the skin or provide nutrition?

GCM: What are Naturally Bare’s most popular products?

Deidre: Our famous antioxidant body butters are a miracle in a bottle. They not only moisturize the skin but they are also filled with active ingredients such as tamanu, borage, argan, vitamins, and our super fruit blend, which includes raspberries, pomegranate, and blueberries. These antioxidants help protect you from free radicals and a host of health issues. We also infuse cupuacu butter for extra antioxidants and natural UV protection.

GCM: Please tell us a little about yourself. Your favorite go-to Naturally Bare product right now?

Deidre: My Bamboo Scrub in Pralines—I’m expecting and my tummy is extra large so I’m home a lot. My favorite time is evening when I can apply the scrub to my tummy and all over. The exotic coconut smell makes me feel like I’m on a vacation and the shea butter scrub is gentle yet effective to keep those stretchmarks away. So far so good!

GCM: Your passions/hobbies outside of Naturally Bare?

Deidre: I enjoy my family time—like watching movies and eating popcorn. I also enjoy nice music and wine at least once a month with my husband or girlfriends.

GCM: Your biggest indulgence?

Deidre: Sweets! This is bad because sugar causes inflammation so I’m trying new recipes that I can make and add my own natural sweetener.

GCM: Your best tip for transitioning skin from winter to spring?

Deidre: Exfoliate! Get rid of that dry skin by using a nice moisturizing scrub and transition out of your heavy winter creams to a hydrating lotion and light natural sunscreen.


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