New Report: Consumers Want Natural Beauty

What inspires you to buy one beauty product over another? A recently released trend report from BBMG Trend Group, Skin Deep: The Future of Beauty, revealed that today’s consumers are primarily driven to choose natural beauty and personal care products with non-toxic ingredients. Which is no trend to sneeze at—sales of beauty products rang in an impressive $73 billion in 2013 in the U.S. alone (the global market puled in $454 billion).

New natural products accounted for 62% of new product launches last year, so companies are wising up to what we all want—great products sans less toxic ingredients.

Here is a sampling of the key numbers from the Skin Deep: The Future of Beauty trend report, which paints a changing picture appearing soon in the beauty and personal care aisle near you:

Beauty Purchase Drivers Today

• 92%     Safe to Use

• 90%     Price/Value

• 90%     Easy to Use

• 90%     Does a Good Job/Quality

• 87%     No Harsh Chemicals/Toxins

• 83%     Ingredient Transparency

• 78%     Natural Ingredients

• 74%     No parabens/phthalate-free

• 67%     No Animal testing

• 64%     Recyclable Packaging

• 63%     Fair labor practices

Erinn Morgan


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